Wicked Little Dolls 'Dollcraft' - Digipak

Wicked Little Dolls 'Dollcraft' - Digipak

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1. Infinity
2. Kill 45
3. Kid Deadly
4. Worship Of The White Corpse
5. Maybe
6. Red Rum Roof Party
7. Children Of The Blood
8. Funeral Reserved
9. Angel Lust
10. Zelda
11. Hate Her
12. The Money
13. All Smiles
14. Peaches And Screams
15. Reprise

3rd full length from New York Rockers WICKED LITTLE DOLLS.

"Wicked Little Dolls come off like Switchblade Symphony by way of Faster Pussycat, with high-pitched little girl vocals delivering sinister messages over dueling rock guitars....are pure evil fun, like a clove cigarette-scented version of The Runaways."
-Grave Concerns Magazine

“New York City’s dirtiest darkest secret. If you think toys can’t hurt you, then you haven’t met the Wicked Little dolls.”
-Classic Rock Magazine

"Wicked Little dolls are like the very best Kiss songs fronted by a vengeful 13-year-old schoolgirl. And the punk edge all over this thing… man, this is 1977 UK/CBGB punk, not the warmed over new stuff. A crunchy, chewy bit of retro hard rock mania.
-Brave Words Bloody Knuckles Magazine

“Wicked Little dolls is a loony possible satanic cross between Alice Cooper and Daisy Chainsaw, with a little 45 Grave and Lucio Fulci tossed into the humanry stew for extra flavor.”

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.