Vitne 'Neon'

Vitne 'Neon'

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1. I/O
2. Destroyer
3. Nasty Habit
4. Silhouette
5. Royal Nights
6. Lick You Up
7.To The Sky
8. I'm Feeling Deadly
9. Cruisin'
10. Rest In Peace

Debut full length solo CD from VITNE.

Fascinated by image, attitude and a great appreciation for American Glam (or “Hair”) Metal, Vitne comes out of the gates hitting on all cylinders on his first solo CD. The first single "Destroyer" (does just that) and doesn't stop there!

Armed with his influences of Motley Crue, Kiss, Billy Idol and X Japan, Vitne weaves a great mix of Power, Glam, AOR and Sleaze Rock, especially found on the tracks "Nasty Habit", "Lick You Up" and "Cruisin'".

The album also shows it's diversity with the very good ballad "Silhouette". This album is a great catch for any fans of the aforementioned genres

This CD is imported from Norway, silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.