Stephen Pearcy's Vicious Delite 'Vicious Delite'

Stephen Pearcy's Vicious Delite 'Vicious Delite'

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1. The Fu*k
2. So Depressed
3. Just Like The Rest
4. Outta Sight Outta Mind
5. Railbreak
6. Pusher
7. Inception
8. What's Up With That
9. Like A Dog
10. Dizzy
11. Le Roach

Debut Release from VICIOUS DELITE featuring the legendary voice of RATT- STEPHEN PEARCY.

Ever wonder what happened after the breakup of Stephen's great post RATT project ARCADE?

VICIOUS DELITE is the answer. Recorded in 1995, the band hits on all cylinders to serve up some slammin' Rock N' Roll that could only be summoned by Stephen himself. This is a really cool record that delivers some blistering riffs and seems like the natural evolution after the disbandment of Arcade. With songs like '"Railbreak", "Out Of Sight Outta Mind" and "Pusher" we think you would have to agree that RATT and ARCADE fans alike will find something to sink their teeth into on this killer release.

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.