The Erotics 'Today The Devil Tomorrow The World'

The Erotics 'Today The Devil Tomorrow The World'

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1. Blast Off
2. She Sucks The Life
3. Over My Dead Body
4. 19 Goin' On Homicidal
5. Today The Devil, Tomorrow The World
6. Anything
7. Wrapped Around Your Neck
8. Baby Goes Bang
9. I Think I Wanna Die Tonight
10. Hogtied & Waiting
11. I Feel Nothing

2010 Release From Albany, New York's Undisputed Kings Of Sleaze, THE EROTICS

Produced by the legendary Don Fury (Agnostic Front, GG Allin, Helmet, Quicksand, Warrior Soul), sees THE EROTICS return to their sleaze filled, pop metal anthems following the dark departure that was 2008's 'RUBBISH' opus.

Singer Mike Trash unapologetically still spits venom filled lyrics molded to the most infectious stadium filled choruses that should have Alice Cooper banging on his door at the early morning hours - should Trash have bothered to have even left the venue bar!

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.