Sweet Leopard 'Shock Me! Thrill Me! Love Me!' Cover

Sweet Leopard 'Shock Me! Thrill Me! Love Me!'

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1. One Night In Paradise
2. Code To Your Love
3. Dancing In The Sign Of Rock And Roll
4. When Girls Go Wild
5. Dr. Rock
6. Shock Me, Thrill Me, Love Me
7. Dirty Girl
8. Mz Little Pussy
9. Fu*k That Bitch
10. City Of The Sin
11. I Was Born For Rock And Roll
12. Whore That Nobody Wants

Debut Release from Glam Rockers SWEET LEOPARD.

With no care for the rules and their obsession with sensual women, fast bikes and alcohol, SWEET LEOPARD attempt to build on the rebirth of 80's Rock and the greatness of the Sunset Strip. Including themselves in the new Sleaze Rock invasion, the boys are ready to break all the mainstream rules!

This CD is silver pressed and now available at Demon Doll Records.