Still Living 'Humanity'

Still Living 'Humanity'

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1. Flying High
2. Signs
3. Murder Of Crows
4. You Remain Alive
5. Humanufactured
6. Stolen Prayer
7. Shelter
8. Eyes
9. Way Back Home
10. Rock And Roll Thunder
11. Hollow Man
12. Surrender


"‘Humanity’ has a very Scandinavian feel to the music and is very much intertwined with soaring vocals, dreamy guitar solos and grandiose keyboards. ‘Flying High’ kicks off with a catchy hook that will grab you straight off and reel you in; the vocals of Costa are the surprise for me — very strong and powerful yet holding onto his own personal tone.

The ballad ‘You Remain Alive’ is a delight and ‘Humanufactured’ is a punchy tune, whereas ‘Eyes’ is a slow number that builds into a classic eighties song that was a staple of every Hard Rock release during that period - a chance to showcase the bands mellow side. Also included on this release are two bonus tracks, ‘Hollow Man’ and ‘Surrender’, both are re-recorded versions of the digitally released singles from the previous two years.

‘Humanity’ is a solid album that should appeal to all fans of quality Melodic Rock of the European persuasion, whilst still holding enough unique traits of their own. The production is very good for an independent release,"

- Fireworks Magazine

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.