Stephen Pearcy 'Social Intercourse'

Stephen Pearcy 'Social Intercourse'

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1. I Gotta Be Me
2. Can't Ever Get Enough
3. Freak
4. In The Pink
5. Ya Gotta Love That
6. In The Corner
7. Turn It Upside Down
8. Live To Die
9. Ya Talkin' To Me
10. Five Fingers
11. Rock Kandy

Debut Solo Release from the voice of RATT - STEPHEN PEARCY.

Although Pearcy's 2000 release 'Before and Laughter' included several newly recorded solo tunes (along with demos and oddities), 2002's 'Social Intercourse' is the first full-length solo effort from the former singer of Ratt. And despite it being issued in the 21st century, listening to the album will easily transport you back to the days of spandex and hair spray on the Sunset Strip. The music is maybe a smidgen heavier than Ratt, but Pearcy's lyrics and vocals sound straight from Out of the Cellar. And for longtime Ratt fans, that's certainly not a bad thing, as evidenced by such tracks as "Can't Ever Get Enough," "Ya Gotta Love That," and "Turn It Upside Down".

-Greg Prato

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.