Stephen Pearcy 'Before and Laughter'

Stephen Pearcy 'Before and Laughter'

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1. All Shook Up
2. Insatiable
3. Railbreak
4. U Got It
5. Reckless
6. Mother Blues
7. Round & Round
8. Bitter With The Sweet
9. Cry In Time
10. Out Of The Cellar [Live]
11. All Night Long
12. Nothin' To Lose
13. Tell The World
14. Dizzy
15. Dr. Rock
16. I Want It All
17. Cry No More
18. Goodbye To You
19. Dog Jam Song

Compilation Release from the legendary voice of RATT- STEPHEN PEARCY.

A killer collection of must have's for any die hard Stephen Pearcy fan! "Before and Laughter", brings a little piece of everything the legendary front man has had his hands on. From original versions of RATT classics, demos, rarities and cuts from ARCADE and VICIOUS DELITE. There are some really great tracks on the record that will have you spinning "Round & Round"!

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.