Shameless 'Beautiful Disaster'

Shameless 'Beautiful Disaster' - Digipak

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1. Greed Is God
2. Dear Mum
3. You're Not Cinderella
4. Forever Ends Today
5. Fiction & Reality
6. You're Not Comin Home
7. Train To Hell
8. Eighteen
9. Hold On To Your Dreams
10. Rock n Roll Girls
11. Life's A Gas

6TH studio effort from Glam Rock supergroup SHAMELESS.

SHAMELESS are back and are bringin' more glitz and glam rock then ever before. Packing the disc with 11 killer tracks, Stevie Rachelle and Steve Summers deliver their usual vocal goods that bring that 80's feeling straight to the brain. "You're Not Cinderella" and the stripped down cover of Alice Cooper's "Eighteen" stand out the most and are not to be missed music! This time around we also get tracks fronted by the legendary Runaway Cherie Currie! Dig in and take this baby for a spin, you will not be disappointed.

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.