Shameless 2 CD Pack 'Splashed' and 'Life's A Gas' - Jacket Packaging

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SHAMELESS 'Splashed'
1. Don't Hesitate
2. Love Game
3. Goodbye 2 U
4. Toy Human
5. She's Not Coming Home
6. I Love The Way U Make Me Sick
7. U & I
8. Change Your World
9. Operator
10. Wild In The Night
11. Getaway
SHAMELESS 'Life's A Gas'
1. Life's A Gas
2. Live 4 Today
3. U & I
4. What You Want is What You Get
5. Life's A Gas (Cherie Mix)

2 CD Pack from Glam Rock super group SHAMELESS.

Includes the 2002 release 'Splashed' as well as the single and EP from SHAMELESS 'Life's A Gas' with vocals being commandeered by the legendary Cherie Currie from iconic 70's all girl group The Runaways.

Both CD's are silver pressed and packaged in a professionally printed CD jackets and are now available @ Demon Doll Records.