Saturnine Hello 'Sometime Galore'

Saturnine Hello 'Sometime Galore'

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  1. Rule The Universe
  2. Teenage Star
  3. Hopeless
4. Bad Magnet
5. Motor City Love
  6. Born Dead
  7. Blackheart
8. Under The Stars
  9. Cosmic Whores
10. Dirtbag Heaven
  11. Personal Demons
12. Look What The Cat Dragged In
  13. Celestial

Debut full length album from Glam Punks SATURNINE HELLO.

Dipped in a bit of Cheap Trick, Enuff Z' Nuff and the Ramones - SATURNINE HELLO is a well polished hint of all the things you love about Rock'N Roll. The diverse backstreets and alleyways of sounds that the band takes you on, harks back to the glory days of what was once your innocence. True, gritty, passionate songs, with a modern feel and a nod to the past as the band looks to the future.

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records. Limited quantity.