Marvel 'Hadal Zone Express' - Digipak

Marvel 'Hadal Zone Express' - Digipak

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1. Baptism
2. Dead Rock `n' Roller
3. Hadal Zone Express
4. Black Money
5. Long Overdue
6. Until The Sun Comes To Wake
7. Danish Rush
8. Remember
9. Yesterday (is just another day)
10. My Reward
11. Forgettable

4th full length release from Hard Rockers MÄRVEL.

Do you think KISS was at their peak in the 70’s? Do you miss The Hellacopters and Turbonegro? Then MÄRVEL is the cure for your rock abstinence.

On MÄRVEL's fourth album, the band decided to try and re-invent themselves, to explore the deeper realms of their songwriting capabilities, and to craft 11 new songs to perfection. A rock 'n' roll perfection that is. With years of touring around Europe honing their skills, three albums under their belt, and close to ten years in existence, it felt right to try and twist the knobs one extra turn. Add to that all the new and raw energy from their new bass player and it's only natural to get a bit excited.

While doing this, the band has managed to squeeze in everything you love from the rock history into their very own, now classic, high energy MÄRVEL sound. As always, you will smile at influences from the mid 70 ́s glam and shock rock, the 60 ́s soul melodies and the very best of the 80 ́s heavy metal poses. But, this time around, there are also also echoes from the late 70 ́s and early 80 ́s power pop and west coast rock.

- "There’s only one way to put it; MÄRVEL are a modern days KISS, period."
City Slang Zine (USA)

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.