Lionsex 'Get Evolved'

Lionsex 'Get Evolved'

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  1. Get Evolved 
2. (Not) What You Need
3. Blue Lights
4. Afghan Star
5. Be Ur Gun
  6. S.O.S.
  7. Last Time
  8. Right Track
  9. Maureen Moore N More
  10. End Of Me
11. Party Never Ends
  12. Wrong Guy
  13. The Cure
  14. Kind Of Scene

LIONSEX returns with their second full length studio release. “Independently minded and as dominant of spirit as the animal from which they take their name, Lionsex play a brand of tainted sleaze rock so low slung and unholy that it picks up bits of broken glass and the odd shattered heart as it slides along. A British band imbued with the darker spirit of the Finnish and Scandinavian scene - bands like The 69 Eyes - their music is packed with a kind of melancholic theatre that will lure you in – perhaps not consciously, perhaps not immediately, but as surely as the Death Star’s tractor beam. The form of their songs is loyal to the spirit of the so-called glam/sleaze masters, but through their strident guitar riffs and, in particular, those careworn, dark-hued vocals, Lionsex manage to sound completely different to all of them. It also proves that independent music doesn’t have to sound like someone chucking the entire contents of their kitchen into a metal grinding machine. Independent music that you’ll actually want to listen to – now there’s a vibe…”

Steve Beebee, ‘Kerrang!’

This CD is officially printed and manufactured professionally from the band as a PRO-CDR and is now available @ Demon Doll Records. Limited quantity.