Jericho Fuzz 'Last Mission On Earth'

Jericho Fuzz 'Last Mission On Earth'

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1. Midas Bell
  2. Breaking The Fangs Of A Snake
3. Castles Made Of Clay
4. Tools Of Faith
  5. Devil's Moon
  6. Crack In My Heart
  7. Tears N' Glue
  8. The Curse Of Daylight
9. Under The Burning Flag
  10. Black Snow
11. The End Of June

Debut full length CD from JERICHO FUZZ.

The unique sound of Jericho Fuzz hearkens back to the days when no subcategories were needed in rock. One might hear echoes of Queen, when other would be reminded of The Doors (on heavy psychedelics) or the doom and gloom of Black Sabbath. You should understand why categorization seems so trivial with this band – Jericho Fuzz have a distinct identity of their own. They might be driven by the same demons that the Rolling Stones conjured up in Altamont in 1969, but this is definitely music for the 2000’s. Highly recommended listening for fans of Classic Rock!

This album is sliver pressed and now available through Demon Doll Records. limited quantity.