Horseman 5 'The Rapture'

Horseman 5 'The Rapture'

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1. The First Seat
2. Wanted
3. Under Rebel Flags
4. The 8th Deadly Sin
5. Young & Wild
6. The 8th Deadly Sin Feat. Dustin T

Debut EP from Hard Rockers HORSEMAN 5.

Dressed in black on black with some leather and studs straight out of judgment day, let’s introduce the world to the Infamous HORSEMAN 5. Described as "A Party During The Apocalypse”, HORSEMAN 5 is a Hard Rock band that is not to be taken for granted. With a unique blend of Hard Rock/Metal/Glam/Sleaze Metal/Metalcore/Power Metal/Nu Metal and more - their music gives you the feeling of having a good time but at the same time makes a statement and gives you something to believe in and a movement to be a part of. Take hold of it now!

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records. Limited quantity.