Hardcore Circus 'Wake Up Call'

Hardcore Circus 'Wake Up Call'

Demon Doll Records

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1. She Goes Down
  2. Queen Of Dirt
3. Under My Skin
4. Who I Am
5. Life
6. Hardcore Circus
  7. Wake Up Call
  8. Pain
  9. Tattooed Junkie
  10. Miracle

Looking for some new melodic, in your face dirty Rock 'N Roll? Then look no further!

Hardcore Circus has arrived and they are carrying some serious weapons of mass destruction to blow up your stereo!!

With a killer band featuring members from Randy Piper's Animal, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Rob Rock & Zan Clan, these hard rock vets know how to Rock with the best of them and deliver it with some serious attitude!

Their debut 10 song CD entitled 'Wake Up Call' weaves a slick mix of modern Motley Crue with the melodic qualities that made Bon Jovi a household name.

There are definitely more than a few songs here that could make a run at the radio charts including the soon to be favorites; "Under My Skin", "Life", "Who I Am” as well as the down and dirty rock anthems "Queen of Dirt" and "She Goes Down". This album is littered with great melodies, great harmonies, great musicians, great production and most importantly - great songs!

Hardcore Circus has begun their ride up the ladder of Hard Rock success. The only question is…will you come along for the ride??

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