Girls, Fire & Hairspray Compilation

Girls, Fire and Hairspray Compilation

Delinquent Records

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1. Beggerz Fixx
  2. Sleazy Way Out
3. Smoke n' Mirrors
  4. Guiltz N Pleasurez
5. Cobra
  6. Tongue N Cheek
  7. Sleazer
8. Hollywood
9. Doctor Scary
  10. Eden Burning
  11. Lagerloudz
  12. Silent Jack
13. Toxik
  14. The V.I.P's
  15. Eightball Voodoo
16. Suicide Tuesday
  17. Black Stone Hearts
  18. Kixxer

Brand New Compilation Release: 'Girls Fire & Hairspray'

Delinquent Records has delivered up a great platter of up and coming Sleaze Rock artists for your listening pleasure! Jam packed with 18 tracks and over 70+ minutes of music, there are more than a couple bands that will wet the sleazier side of your appetite and have you coming back for more.

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.