Ghetto Dolls 'Here It Comes' - Jacket Packaging

Ghetto Dolls 'Here It Comes' - Jacket Packaging

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1. Cheerleader
2. Crash Karma
3. Next Stone
4. Showbiz
5. Crimson & Clover
6. Here It Comes
7. Drugs L'amour
8. Fu**s Me Up
9. Supernatural
10. This Aint No Place
11. I Don't Care

Debut full length release from Glam/Punk Rockers GHETTO DOLLS.

GHETTO DOLLS wear their influences on their sleeves – the MC5, Dictators, Ramones, Alice Cooper and early Van Halen – blurring the line between punk and metal. They offered a mission statement, complete with loud and snotty tunes played with a distinct dark leaning. GHETTO DOLLS is quite rough but not outside the aesthetic. This is music that is meant to be raw and guttural and GHETTO DOLLS dish it out plentiful!

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.