Creem Circus 'Rock and/or Roll' - Wallet Packaging

Creem Circus 'Rock and/or Roll' - Wallet Packaging

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1. Rock and Roll Decree
2. Turn Me Out
3. Teenage Rules
4. Rock and Roll Band (Revisited)
5. Riff Mountain
6. RU w/Us?
7. Rock and/or Roll
8. White Lightning
9. Sister Transister
10. Kensington Rollers

Debut full length release from Glam Rockers CREEM CIRCUS.

CREEM CIRCUS is bringing its brand of 21st century Glam Rock to the world. Their debut album “Rock and/or Roll” embodies the band’s 1970’s inspired, glitter-glam aesthetic. Proudly hailing from the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, which has become a hot-bed for new bands - CREEM CIRCUS describes themselves as “your favorite band’s favorite band.”

The 10-track CD was three years in the making. The band’s “hard, glitter, tandem lead, platform-powerchord rock and roll with lots of boogie down soul” style is inspired by legends of glam and arena rock such as David Bowie, Slade, T-Rex, Boston, Thin Lizzy and Queen. The disc is loaded with smokin’ leads, slamming guitar tones, catchy choruses, and hot riffs, the likes of which not heard since the hey-day of killer rock bands.

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.