Castle Blak 'Glamour & Damnation: Greatest Hits and Dirty Little Secrets' 3 Disc Box Set

Castle Blak 'Glamour & Damnation: Greatest Hits and Dirty Little Secrets' 3 Disc Box Set

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Included in this purchase is:

* 1 Castle Blak signed and numbered, 3-disc/3 booklet, limited edition Box Set “Glamour & Damnation: Greatest Hits & Dirty Little Secrets,” and

* 1 FREE set of 3 CandyAppleBlack comic books, and

* 1 FREE copy of Regent St. Claire's Limited edition, promo, solo, unplugged CD 'All That Darkness Employs' that has never been for sale anywhere.

1. Sister
2. Sleep With The Angels
3. Ten High
4. Babes In Toyland
5. Crazy
6. Never Enough
7. Black Diamond
8. This Gun Is Loaded
9. Don't Tell Me About Your Boyfriend
10. Throw The Book
11. Fire
12. Another Dark Carnival
13. Good As It Gets
14. Do You Love Me?
15. The Hits Just Keep On Comin'
16. Glory Hole
17. Wither & Bloom
1. Dream Sequence
2. No Bed Of Roses
3. I Know You're A Bitch...But Don't Take It Out On Me
4. Eye Of The Hurricane
5. Alice
6. $10 Whore In A $2 Town
7. Strangers Again
8. Waiting For You
9. F%*K Off I Don`t Wanna Dance
10. Bombzawe
11. Rusty Razor Kiss
12. Different Girl
13. Ambivalence
14. Angel In Your Eyes
15. Sheet Musique
16. Let Me Go Rock N Roll
1. Whose Little Girl?
2. Lookin' Out For #1
3. The One That Got Away
4. Money Changes Everything
5. I Know You're A Bitch...But Don't Take It Out On Me
6. Strangers Again
7. I Feel Sorry For Your Daddy
8. Calendar Girl
9. Forever
10. Put 'Em Away
11. Stars On The Ceiling
12. She Really Got Me Where She Wants Me
13. L.A. 1990 Radio Interview

Demon Doll Records have teamed up with Regent St. Claire to exclusively get the CASTLE BLAK epic three CD box set 'Glamour and Damnation: Greatest Hits and Dirty Little Secrets' into the hands of every fan of 80's Rock on the planet!

The band was formed in 1983 and began their reign of terror on the streets of San Francisco, selling out venues and becoming a constant magnet for Glam fans throughout the city.

In 1988 the band brought their show to the streets of Hollywood and kicked down the doors and continued to build their underground following.

Now, through this great box set, you get your front row ticket to 45 songs and a 20 minute interview with the band. Every incarnation of the band has songs included here, plus 3, 20-page color booklets full of pics and lyrics.

If you’re a fan of the band, this is a must own collection and if you are not familiar with them yet, grab a copy today as CASTLE BLAK will blow you away! Highly recommended listening!!

All CD's are silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available through Demon Doll Records.