Hot Shot 'Rock Ave. & Roll St.'

Hot Shot 'Rock Ave. & Roll St.'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Step Right Up
2. Rock Ave. & Roll St.
3. Let's Dance
4. Do Ya Like It
5. Treehouse Radio Spot
6. Boys Got Toys

Demon Doll Records and HOT SHOT have teamed up to crack open the vaults to release some drop dead Hair Metal in the form of the brand new CD release 'Rock Ave. & Roll St.'.

Born and breed in the Rock scene of Florida, these early 90’s bad boys take Hair Metal and encompass it for all it is worth. With upbeat tempos and party time lyrics, HOT SHOT will leave you slipping and sliding in sexual innuendo.

When you put this CD in, there is no turning back as each song is as addicting as the next. Rip the knob of the stereo and crank up the killer tracks "Do Ya Like It", 'Let's Dance", "Rock Ave. & Roll St." and "Step Right Up" - this CD will surely bring you back to the glory days and have you cruising the boulevard looking for your next wild evening and who you might be going home with that night.

Grab a copy of this great CD, as HOT SHOT were certainly the real deal in their day!

The CD is sliver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from Shipping Worldwide!