3D In Your Face 'Midnight Devils'

3D In Your Face 'Midnight Devils'

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1. Forbidden City
2.Generation Durt
3. In Your Face
4. Midnight Devils
5. Always Brings Me Back
6. Sleeping In Omaha
7. Bleed Betty Bleed
8. Underneath The Stairs
9. Time We Had Our Fun
10. Radar Guided Love Bomb
11. Squeeze Me Dry
12. I Still Believe In Rock And Roll

4th CD Release From Glam Rockers 3D IN YOUR FACE.

Starting out in 1999 as the brain child of Alan 'Hot Rod' King, 3D In Your Face has taken their non-stop Rock N' Roll party across the United States for the better part of a decade.  

Playing clubs, bars, street dances, festivals, fairs, bike rally's, private parties and corporate events to tens of thousands of 80's Rock N Roll fanatics - the band has independently released 3 albums and are now proud to bring you their 4th release 'Midnight Devils'.

Following the lead of the bands of the 80's, 3D IN YOUR FACE deliver on the big hair and loud guitars, so crank the knob off and relive that soundtrack of your lives.  

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.