Wicked Sins 'Wicked Sins'


1. Doin The World 
2. Between The Sheets
  3. One More Night
4. Down & Dirty
  5. Sex & Rock
6.  Dance For Me
  7. Playin With Fire
  8. Inside Your Heart
  9. Firewater
10. Girls Want It To
  11. I'm The One
12. You and I
  13. We'll Survive

Debut CD from Hair Metallers WICKED SINS!

After locking themselves in the studio for 2 years to cut the tracks with producer Robert Benci, Dyer Knight and the boys finally arrived with the record they always dreamed of making -  a 13 song Sleaze Rock album full of sex and innuendo anthems (reference CD titles!) that would fit nicely into the catalogue of Firehouse and Danger Danger. This is a seriously good dose of Hair Metal that any fan of the genre will truly love!

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.