Valerie 'Young Hunger'


1. Night After Night
2. Love & Affection
3. Bye, Bye
4. Firm Believer 
5. All I Want (All I Need)
6. No Way Back
7. Young Hunger
8. The Last Time
9. Dance (Heart To Heart)
10. Together As One
11. Get Ready

VALERIE and Demon Doll Records have teamed up to bring you their second full length explosive release!

Known for their sing-along choruses, guitar riffs, blistering solos and harmonies - the boys do not disappoint with this infectious album. Dig into the killer tracks "Night After Night", "Love & Affection" as well as the brand new single "Young Hunger". The album was mixed by world renowned producer Beau Hill.

If you are fan of Dokken, Ratt & Europe, you will surely fall in love with VALERIE as easily as you did with the great bands of the 80's!

Highly recommended listening!!!

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and available @ Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!