Swingin' Thing 'Desperate Living' Metal Legacy Edition


1. Avenue Boys 
2. Let's Do It With The Lights On
  3. I Want Your Body
4. Precious
5. Better Left Unsaid
  6. Pump!
  7. Groove of Love
8. Hook, Line & Sink Her
  9. Supersonic Loverboy
10. Coconut Cream
  11. Underground
  12. No One But Myself To Blame
  13. Bleed
  14. Generation
  15. All Shook Up
  16. On The Run
  17. Show You What I Got
  18. Trippin' The Light Fantastic

METAL LEGACY EDITION of the top selling release "Desperate Living' by SWINGIN' THING. This release Includes a more expansive artwork package with lyrics to all 18 songs.

The ultimate Swingin' Thing collection 'Desperate Living' is finally available!

Do you want your Swingin' Thing album with the hits Avenue Boys & Let's Do With The Lights On? Well we have it!

We have the original 5 song album remastered plus 13 more classic cuts including "Coconut Cream", "Pump", "I Want Your Body", "Precious", "Better Left Unsaid" and many more! 'Desperate Living' encompasses every debauchery filled era of Swingin' Thing from 1989 to 1994.

This is hands down the best Swingin' Thing compilation money can buy, This masterpiece is silver pressed with 18 classic cuts (hand picked by the band). And of course the boys are offering up one more never released song entitled, "Show You What I Got" and after 75 minutes of pure Sunset Strip decadence, you'll know what they mean!