Roadless 'Keep Rolling'


1. Scary Face 
2. Back To The Top
3. She's Gonna Take Me
4. Love To Roll
5. Home Sweet Homicide
6. Never Say Never
7. Voodoo Love
8. Hot Mama
9. You Are Nothing
10. Believe

We want to welcome Sleaze Rockin' bad boys ROADLESS to the Demon Doll Records roster! We have teamed up with the boys in the band to bring you their debut album 'Keep Rolling' - and what a killer debut it is!

These guys are bringing some serious noise that will get your blood boiling. Crank up "Scary Face", "She's Gonna Take Me" and "Hot Mama" and you will know these guys have arrived! They bring a lot more to the table then most with a combination of many styles of Sleaze Rock - you may hear a little Guns N' Roses, a little Circus Of Power, even a little L.A. Guns. Any way you slice it; ROADLESS has it covered, so jump all over this one as you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended listening!

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.