Paradox 'Power and Glory' Digital Album Download


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1. Power and Glory 
  2. I Wanna Love You
3. Meet The King
4. Sweet Reunion
  5. God's Amazing Grace
  6. Call and Chosen
  7. Give A Listen
8. Singing All Night
  9. Long Live The King
  10. Last Race
  11. Can't You See

Are you a fan of Stryper? If so, we have got the band for you! Christian Glam Rockers PARADOX have teamed up with Demon Doll Records to unlock the vaults with a release that literally comes from the heavens - 'Power and Glory'.

This album was originally recorded between 1987 and 1989 and is loaded with 11 tracks that slam with the best of them. Endorsed by such great publications as Hit Parader and Kerrang back in the day, Paradox was widely considered to be the hair apparent to Stryper and continue to carry the torch into the nineties.

The drastic change in the musical climate did not allow that to happen, but now they are back delivering some of the greatest vocals you'll ever hear! These guys rip through the sonic landscape and deliver the message as well as the word with such great tracks as "Singing All Night", "Power and Glory" and "Meet The King" (to name a few).

If you love metal and don't mind keeping it clean, then Paradox is the band for you. This album is exclusively available @! Get your copy today! Shipping Worldwide!