Mama Kin 'In The City' - Digipak

Mama Kin 'In The City' - Digipak

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1. Badge And A Gun
2. In The City
3. You Belong To Me
4. Mrs. Operator
5. Higher & Higher
6. Too Much
7. Fortune & Fame
8. Superman
9. You
10. Champagne, Chicks & Rock N' Roll

Debut release from Hard Rockers MAMA KIN.

"'In The City' is relatively short for a full length album, only clocking in around 35 minutes. And chances are by the time you reach the end of the light speed fist-pumping sing along final track "Champagne, Chicks & Rock n' Roll," you'll be disappointed that there isn't more...the vocalist, known only by the name of Ward, sounds so much like Paul Stanley of Kiss that if you didn't know better you might actually think you were listening to a new Kiss album. It doesn't hurt that MAMA KIN incorporates a lot of the same gang vocals and party hard lyrics as the iconic rockers. But "In The City" isn’t strictly retro – some of the better tracks like "Higher and Higher" and "Superman" could definitely compete with Hinder's "All American Nightmare."
Surprisingly, there isn't a bad track...and even more surprising is that this is Mama Kin's debut album. As far as debuts go, this may be one of the best of 2010."

- Metal Underground

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.