Jupiter Blue 'Constellations and Satellites' - Enhanced CD


  1. Intro (The Conversation)
  2. Flyer
3. Shut Up
  4. 25TWin
5. Anthem For The Jaded
  6. One With The Gun
  7. Fly Or Fall
8. Speed Queen
9. Plastics On Parade
  10. The RockandRoll Dream Is Dead
  11. Paper Star
12. Pinstripe Genesis
  13. Universe Queens
  Bonus Music Video
  Anthem For The Jaded

Featuring Alleycat Scratch drummer Robbi Black, Jupiter Blue derive on a bevy of influences from the 80's new wave and 80's rock scene. They deliver a nice cocktail of both with such hit songs as "Anthem For The Jaded" as well as "Plastics On Parade". Over several years they built a steady following on the Sunset Strip and consistently sold out shows and were quite the hot ticket. Also included is the the music video for "Anthem For The Jaded".

This album is sliver pressed and now available through Demon Doll Records. Order your copy today! Shipping worldwide!