Debbie Ray 'Artificial Misery' Digital Album Download


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1. Addicted 
2. Dirty Darling
  3. Nightmare In The Makin
  4. Artificial Misery
5. Primetime Primadonna
6. Stars Aint Much Of A Light
  7. Someone To Blame
  8. Down With The Flow
  9. Bullshit Firezone
  10. Kill Your Darlings
  11. Stand N Fight
12. Road Dogs Soul

Straight from the gutters, we bring you one of the hottest new Sleaze bands on the planet! Debbie Ray will blow your mind with their debut release 'Artificial Misery.' This is pure adrenaline charged, fist pumpin, in your face Sleaze Rock 'N' Roll!

With the smash it up singles "Addicted". "Dirty Darling" and "Road Dog Blues" you will enter the doors to the new decade of decadence! If you groove to Skid Row & Hardcore Superstar, stop by Demon Doll Records and check the sound samples from the soon to be household name, Debbie Ray! Highly Recommended!