Death To All But... Hollywood Hair Metal Digital Album Download


This album download comes with a digital booklet containing interviews from Britt (Filthy Rittz & Blackboard Jungle) and Billy D'Vette of PairADice. This digital booklet is not available on ITunes or AmazonMP3. All songs are encoded at 320kbps.No physical copies of this album are available.

Death To All But... Hollywood Hair Metal is a great collection of songs that embodied the Sunset Strip in its' heyday! There is a great mix of big names and up and coming bands that were going to be the next big thing if not for the change in musical climate. We're proud to offer this digital release to every fan of arguably one of the greatest music scenes ever created. We are also proud to announce that 10% of all downloads will be donated to Autism Speaks in order to help children with developmental delays.

 Track listing and summary

1. Tuff - Another Man's Gun

A great song from one of the Sunset Strip's best bands - TUFF. Officially licensed from Stevie Rachelle, this song can be found on the TUFF release 'Regurgitation' on RLS Records.

2. Heavy Bones - 4AM T.M. (Demo Version)

The demo version of 4AM T.M. was recorded before the release of the great self titled debut album. This version has never been released in any capacity and is licensed from lead singer Joel Ellis.

3. Jailhouse - Modern Girl
MTV video hit from the guys in Jailhouse. This song is officially licensed from bassist and songwriter Matt Thorr and can be found on the official Jailhouse release 'Straight At The Light' from Demon Doll Records.
4. Cats In Boots - Whip It Out
Outstanding album track from the iconic release 'Kicked & Klawed'. Written and licensed from founder and vocalist Joel Ellis, this song can be found on the 2012 Demon Doll Records reissue of the legendary album.
5. Swingin' Thing - All That Glitters
The amazing single from Sunset Strip icons Swingin' Thing. The song was accompanied with a great music video which was released by the band in 1992. This song can be found on the split EP release of Swingin' Thing & The Things entitled '5 & 5' from Demon Doll Records.
6. Blackboard Jungle - Chicago
The world renowned single from Blackboard Jungle, which was penned by Britt & the band and was initially released in 1992 on Brent Muscat's label, Church Records. The song is now available through the 2010 reissue of 'I Like It Alot' on Demon Doll Records.
7. Alleycat Scratch - Cheap City Thrills
Great album track from the original Hollywood Dead Boys, Alleycat Scratch. Originally recorded by the band with vocalist Tommy, the band revved up the song and re-recorded it with Eddie for the release of 'Deadboys In Trash City' in 1993. This song is licensed from Robbi Black and available on the 2009 reissue of the record on Demon Doll Records.
8. Slam Alley - Punk Polluted Zoo
Great album track from the amazing Slam Alley. This song was originally available on the Demon Doll release '21 Fire' which is since out of print. It is licensed from band founder and songwriter D.K. Revelle and is now available on the full CD release 'Punk Polluted Zoo' on Demon Doll Records.
9. Revolution Hazy - Radio
Written and recorded by the band after acquiring drummer Robbi Black from Alleycat Scratch, this song has some serious Hollywood Punk Rock attitude. It is licensed from Robbi Black and available on the official Demon Doll Records release 'Radio Slaves'.
10. Billy D'Vette - Love Thing
Great solo track from PairADice guitarist Billy D'Vette. Billy was also a member of Agent X and institutionalizes Hollywood Hair Metal. The song is written by Billy D'Vette and Dave Lefko.
11. Merri Hoaxx - I'm Ready
Closing track from the album 'Never Jokes' by Merri Hoaxx. Co-written by Joel Ellis and the late, great guitarist Denny Holan. This song is licensed from Joel Ellis and available through the official Demon Doll release.
12. Agent X - Run If You Can
Amazing track from Agent X, originally self released by the band in 1987. Agent X features Jailhouse and Autograph vocalist Danny Simon, as well as guitarist Billy D'Vette. This song is licensed from Danny Simon and available from the official album release 'Rock 'N' Roll Angels' from Demon Doll Records.
13. PairADice - Midnight Train
Killer song from the great Hair Metal Glam rockers PairADice. Features Paul Lancia on vocals, Billy D'Vette and Dave Marshall on guitar (who would go on to join Vince Neil during the 'Exposed' era). Written by the band and licensed by Billy D'Vette, this song can found on the 2013 Demon Doll Records release 'Midnight Train'.
14. Tryx - You've Got Alot To Learn About Love
From the long anticipated 2011 release 'Dayz Gone By'. Tryx embodied the Sunset Strip scene and wrote some of the catchiest songs from the era. The song is written and officially licensed by Roxy DeVeau. The song is available on the official Demon Doll Records release.
15. Lightning Gypsy Lover - Witches Brew
First song ever officially released by Sunset Strip rockers Lightning Gypsy Lover. A full EP is in the making from the band set to be released by Demon Doll Records in 2014. The song is officially licensed by the band.
16. Filthy Rittz - Wild Summer Nights (Live)
The only song ever released from the band Filthy Rittz (featuring Kenny Price, Britt, Dave Zink and Jamie "Scrap" Phillips). Since the band never recorded a studio track, this live track is all that is available to get any idea of what the band sounded like. It is licensed from songwriter Britt.
17. Blackboard Jungle - Hollywood Wolves
Brand new track written by iconic producer and songwriter Kim Fowley and Sunset Strip favorites Blackboard Jungle. These two make for a great collaboration and a great way to close out the record.