Darling Died Suicide 'All Tied Up'

Darling Died Suicide 'All Tied Up'

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1. Please Don't Go
2. Darling Died Suicide
3. Goodbye
4. All Tied Up
5 Get Away (Live)
6. You Just Don't Know (Live)
7. Slam Bam Baby (Live)

CD Release from Hollywood Glam Rockers DARLING DIED SUICIDE

Long after the dust had settled, 4 Hollywood Glam Rockers kept the dream alive!

Formed out of the ashes of the Darling Dead, DARLING DIED SUICIDE spent their days in Hollywood as one of the few remaining bands to carry the torch of the great days of the Sunset Strip. Armed with a ton of lipstick, mascara, attitude and catchy choruses, the band has finally released their first EP which contain the only 4 tracks ever recorded by the band and 3 live tracks that have all been digitally remastered and restored.

Grab a copy of the record today and reward some of the truly faithful Glam Rockers that stuck it out in Hollywood!

This CD is a professionally packaged CDR, officially licensed from the band and is now available @ Demon Doll Records