BulletBoys '10ct Billionaire'


1. Asteroid
2. Blessed By Your Touch
3. Born To Breed
4. Bringing Home The Gun
5. Girls Kissin' Girls
6. Jenna Star
7. Road To Nowhere
8. Save The World
9. Wasted
10. Witness
11. Road To Nowhere (Radio Remix)

Sixth studio release from Hair Metal icons BULLETBOYS.

"On the BulletBoys' 2009 release, 10ct. Billionaire, singer Marq Torien is the only recognizable name from the group's early years still on the roster. But the group's sound can still be best described as a "hair metal/Van Halen collision" -- as long as the boys have Torien present, their sound won't be too far off from their 1988 self-titled debut. Case in point, such ditties as the album opening "Asteroid," as well as "Born to Breed" and "Girls Kissin' Girls" rock as heavily as anything Torien and company have presented to date. '10ct. Billionaire' is arguably the Bulletboys' heaviest release yet."

- All Music

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.