Baton Rogue Morgue "Anything You Want' - Wallet Packaging


1. Hat Trick
2. Anything
3. Living Like Fire
4. Lingerine
5. Alone At Night
6. Poison Apples
7. Open Road
8. Big Bang
9. Midnight Rose
10. Crystal City
11. Senoritas

BATON ROGUE MORGUE Unleash Their New Album 'Anything You Want'.

The 2015 version of BATON ROGUE MORGUE has finally arrived! Teaming up with Demon Doll Records, the guys are primed and ready to roll with their new album release entitled ‘Anything You Want'. Armed with their new lead vocalist Andy Haywire, the band hasn’t lost a step as the crank out the same infectious melodies and grooves they have been delivering for the past 10 years. Feast on the killer tracks "Anything", "Alone At Night" and "Lingerine" and you will see what we mean! BATON ROGUE MORGUE are a great band, with a great past and an even greater future. Get your hands on this release today!

This CD is officially licensed from the band, a professionally packaged CDR and now available exclusively at Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!