Bad Boy Eddy 'Over The Top' Digital Album Download


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1. Fever
2. She Gives Me A Feeling
3. I Don't Want You
4. Super Sonic Freak
  5. Living Lies
  6. Funky Monkey
7. Rad Ruby
  8. Teenage Sacrifice
  9. Fly Away
10. Maker of Dreams

Wow - is really the only word that comes to mind when listening to this disc. Bad Boy Eddy absolutely hammers it and every aspect that an 80's Rock lover could ever ask for.  This CD will take you back, and I mean way back to the golden days of Hair Metal at its peak. Everything about the music is impeccable. The songs are smashes - just check out "Rad Ruby", "Maker of Dreams" and "Super Sonic Freak" (to name a few). Unbelievable stuff!

Hard to imagine this could be written and recorded in this era. We hear a little bit of everything here, you could throw Kix, the Scorpions, Stryper, Dio, Dokken, Skid Row and many more in a blender and still not nail it any better than they did. The boys aren't joking when they called this record 'Over The Top'.

The vocals, guitars, bass & drums - all of it is nothing less then incredible. In our honest opinion this should be one of the top 5 Hard Rock/80’s styled albums released in 2012. If not for Kiss, Trixter, L.A Guns & Van Halen, we might have at # 1.

Not much more we can say at this point, as Aerosmith once said "Let the Music Do the Talking" and believe us - Bad Boy Eddy's "Over The Top" does the talking (and a whole lot more)!

This album is officially licensed from the band and now available for purchase worldwide. Grab a copy of this soon to be classic today!