Alleycat Scratch 'Deadboys In Trash City' Digital Album Download


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1. Stilletto Strut
2. Take A Bite (Outta Me)
3. Cat's Got Your Tongue
  4. Soul Survivor
  5. Sexual Addiction
6. Love Sick Junkie
7. Cheap City Thrills
8. Roses On My Grave
  9. Trash City
  10. Plastic Dolls
  11. Love Song

You wanted it - you got it! Robbi Black has delivered again!!

Alleycat Scratch’s 'Deadboys In Thrash City' is now available!! The classic Glam & Sleaze cocktail from the Hollywood Deadboys has been reissued. In partnering with Demon Doll Records, drummer Robbi Black has worked long and hard to get 'Deadboys In Trash City' back into the hands of the fans. He has heard your voice and has taken every step possible to replicate the 1993 original version.This album includes re-mastered versions of the 10 songs plus a bonus track of the infamous “Love Song.”

Re-live the 1993 release and the glory days of the Sunset Strip! Grab a bottle of Jack and turn up the volume to “Cheap City Thrills”, “Stilletto Strut”, “Roses On My Grave”, “Love Sick Junkie” and “Plastic Dolls” ( to name a few)!! Rest assured knowing the music is back where it belongs - cranking out of your speakers!